GLOBAL ARTFEST is a global movement, virtual event and celebration to empower the next generation of women in the arts to share creative solutions to humanity's greatest challenges and to express vision to achieve the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. 

We invite the participation of all women in the arts currently enrolled in universities and colleges around the world.

This is a global program of the New Champions WIN (Womensphere Incubator Network), a global initiative of the Young Global Leaders community and the Womensphere Foundation to accelerate gender parity and inspire, train, and empower 1 million women and girls by 2020, and the Womensphere Innovation Lab which pioneers, incubates, and scales STEAM*-powered and innovative approaches of empowering women and girls to create the future. (STEAM* = science, technology, engineering, arts & design, mathematics)

Schedule & Timeline:

Global Expert Mentoring (GEM) Leadership Sessions (Virtual and Live) on SDGs, Coding, Art & Design, Video & Media, and Leadership in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts & design, mathematics): October 24-31, 2017

Interscholastic Global Artfest Competition: November 12-19, 2017

Announcement of Global Artfest Winners: January 2018

Global Award Ceremonies: March 2018

Exhibit & Media on Finalists & Honorees: January - June 2018


* Video courtesy of Project Everyone