The GLOBAL ARTFEST is a global movement and celebration to empower the next generation of women in the arts to share creative solutions to humanity's greatest challenges and to express vision to achieve the Global Goals for Sustainable Development.  


We will recognize and celebrate global Finalists and Award Winners, as well as top participants across a number of regions, countries, and states. GLOBAL ARTFEST Award Winners will receive the Womensphere Medallion pendant.  Global Finalists and Award Winners, and the academic institutions they represent, will have the opportunity to be featured in media, social media, and media that we are producing and publishing on the Finalists and top participants.  Finalists and Award Winners may also receive additional prizes from our corporate, academic, and organization partners.

The Womensphere Award Medallion

This is the Womensphere Award Medallion, designed especially for Womensphere Global Award honorees. The Womensphere Award Medallion is designed by Womensphere Founder & CEO Analisa Balares, and handcrafted by women artisans from Afghanistan through a partnership with Future Brilliance, an extraordinary social enterprise led and co-founded by its CEO Sophie Swire and Board Director Almira Zejnilagic Cemmell, Young Global Leader.

The Medallion has a silver base, and is gold-plated, with semi-precious gemstones carnelian, citrine, peridot, and lapis lazuli as the semi-spheres of the Medallion. It is designed to also be re-purposed as a brooch (for the Womensphere Global Awards) or as a pendant (for the Womensphere Emerging Leaders Global Awards).

On the Womensphere logo's symbolism: At the very beginning of Womensphere in 2007, Founder & CEO Analisa Balares spent many months with Womensphere designers to arrive at the symbol that would become the Womensphere logo, which you see on this Medallion. The logo (and all of its colors) is inspired by nature, and is set to represent key ideals and principles in nature and in our known universe:

  • The spiral is inspired by the Golden Spiral, which we see in the conch shell and the spiral galaxy, and represents continuous evolution and growth. The spiral is also one of human civilization's oldest symbols, so the Womensphere logo pays homage to human history and how far humanity has come to evolve (and how far we have yet to go).
  • The red stands for fire, energy and passion (represented here by carnelian).
  • The yellow stands for light and sunshine, giver of life on earth (represented here by citrine).
  • The green stands for natural life and the environment (represented here by peridot).
  • The blue is meant to conjure images of skies and oceans, and of the principles of infinity and boundlessness that they inspire (represented here by lapis lazuli.)

The logo is also flexible, in that it can be rendered in all white, all black, or all of a particular color, to make it organically fit with whatever background it is on.

The first Womensphere Medallion was given in February 2015 to Dr. Kathryn Sullivan, former Chief Scientist and current head and Administrator of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere, and former NASA astronaut.